Rent a Luggage Locker for 2 € per day in Nice thanks to CITY-LOCKER

Published : Modified : 12/05/2024

CITY-LOCKER rents real luggage lockers in Nice at a very competitive rate for storing your bags when you are passing through the capital of the French Riviera. You will have your own personal locker and can return to it as often as you wish throughout the entire rental period of your locker. These lockers are very spacious and can accommodate up to 4 cabin-sized bags. Thus, the rate per bag is very advantageous.

What is the price for a Luggage Locker in Nice?

The rates for our luggage lockers vary depending on the rental period. The most common rates are generally 8 or 9 euros, depending on the day of the week, but they can increase or decrease depending on the month of your visit to Nice.

Here is a table summarizing our pricing grid. It provides an overview of the regularly practiced rates for renting our lockers in Nice, but may be changed without notice, depending on tourist traffic and therefore cannot serve as a reference. It is provided for informational purposes only, and it remains variable. This grid is therefore valid only on the day this article was written.

Rates incl. taxes per locker and per day
  Regular rates Exceptional rates Promotional rates
Tuesday 8 € 12 € 2 €
Friday 9 €
Luggage Locker Rates in Nice

What is the price to rent a luggage locker by the hour in Nice?

The minimum rate for hourly rental of a locker is less than 2 € per hour per locker. Our rentals are available from 8 AM to 10 PM at regular rates, and you cannot select a specific hourly slot. However, we offer a decreasing rate as the day progresses. This allows you to benefit from reduced rates towards the end of the day, dropping to 2 EUR for the remaining hours, up until 10 PM. Whether you use it for the day or just an hour, the hourly cost remains very competitive.

In addition to this decreasing rate throughout the day, we also offer promotional rates, which allow you to get a locker for the day at 2 EUR. Our luggage lockers are located in Nice and are open from 8 AM to 10 PM. Depending on your time of arrival, this rate converted to the hourly cost can therefore drop to less than 15 cents per hour.

Luggage Storage in Nice

Are there any promotions for renting a locker in Nice?

In addition to the promotional rates of 2 EUR per day available on certain days of the year, there are discounts that also allow you to benefit from a price of 2 EUR per locker.

How to benefit from promotional rates for your locker?

  • Book on promotional days: Some days are exceptionally offered at 2 EUR per day and per locker
  • Rent a locker for several days: We offer a discount on the 3rd and 5th day. The discount on the 5th day allows you to enjoy a price that can drop to 2 EUR per day for your locker
  • Order a locker at the end of the day: We offer a decreasing rate as the day progresses. The later you book in the day, the more you will benefit from a discounted price. On some non-promotional days, you can therefore use a locker for 2 EUR until 10 PM.
  • Use a discount coupon: During specific events or partnerships, you can have discount coupons, which will allow you to enjoy reductions on your rental.

What is the deposit price per bag?

In our luggage storage space in Nice, you do not pay per bag, but per locker!

Our storage space is a real luggage locker with actual lockers (L 48 cm x H 61 cm x D 85 cm). Each rented locker can accommodate up to 4 cabin-size suitcases (IATA dimensions: 55 x 35 x 20 cm).

This differs from luggage drop-off locations at shops, where you are charged per deposited bag. With your locker, you can deposit as many bags, suitcases, bags, and other personal belongings as you wish, as long as they fit in your locker. An additional advantage, you can return to drop off or pick up items as many times as you like during the rental period. You are fully autonomous to deposit or retrieve your items!

Let's consider the case where you would like to deposit 4 cabin bags:

  • If you pay the price for an exceptional day at 12 €: the deposit price for the day will therefore be 3 € per bag.
  • If you pay the price for a promotional day at 2 €: the deposit price for the day will therefore be 0.5 € per bag.

The baggage deposit rate at our facility in Nice, for 4 cabin bags, thus varies from 50 cents to 3 EUR per bag, with no additional hidden fees.

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