Must-Visit Addresses in the Garibaldi District

Published : Modified : 22/04/2024

Garibaldi District : Pin Square / Bonaparte / Cassini

In Nice, the area around Place du Pin and Rue Bonaparte attracts people all year round. Often referred to as the "Nice Marais," it is located between the Port of Nice and Place Garibaldi. With three nearby tram stops (Garibaldi - Le Château, Garibaldi, Port / Lympia), the place boasts excellent public transport accessibility and houses many points of interest, not just dining establishments. While the offerings are abundant in this charming neighborhood that has evolved significantly over the last ten years, some establishments are truly indispensable if you are visiting Nice, especially this area next to Garibaldi Place.

Map from Garibaldi Place to the Port of Nice

Comptoir Central Electrique (CCE)

Formerly an electricity shop, Comptoir Central Electrique now sports a completely different ambiance and is among the favorite spots for locals and tourists. For a bit of history, the old electricity shop still exists, relocated to an adjacent street under the name Comptoir Central d'Electricité. This bistro was one of the key establishments that contributed to the development of this area, which was at the time just a crossing of several underutilized streets. Here, one can enjoy great cocktails at happy hour or brunch on Sundays. Guests have the opportunity to taste delicious tapas such as colin fritters, scrambled eggs with truffle, and breaded chicken strips. It is also a full-fledged restaurant offering a variety of dishes including Mediterranean-flavored items like flambéed rib steak with rosemary and stuffed small squids with sobrassada. Ideal for enjoying an aperitif while the neighborhood comes to life.

  • category: Bistro
  • location: right in the center of Pin Square
  • address: 10, Rue Bonaparte
  • phone: 06 23 80 55 61
  • hours: open daily from 8am to 12:30am (Sunday from 3:30pm to 12:30am)
Facade of Comptoir Central Electrique (CCE)


Aperitiv: a 360 (all-in-one) grocery store, highly popular among food lovers on the Riviera. Beyond the traditional grocery store, it also offers deli meats, cheeses, and a particularly extensive alcohol catalog. Here, you purchase both the products you intend to enjoy with your loved ones before lunch or dinner and the gifts you would like to offer them. The food products such as spreads and antipasti are complemented by many beverages carefully selected by its team. The prices are very reasonable, and the products are of good quality. Ideal for preparing incredible aperitifs or simply bringing a present when you are invited to friends' houses. Additionally, the grocery store offers very original products to liven up your evenings with friends and also has another establishment at 11, avenue Malaussena.

  • category: Grocery
  • location: right at the top of Cassini, next to Garibaldi Place
  • address: 4, rue Cassini
  • phone: 04 83 55 37 09
  • hours: Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. / 2:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Products from the Aperitiv grocery store

Café des Chineurs

If you're in the area and not against sharing an aperitif or a meal in a place with a strong character? A detour to Café des Chineurs is a must! In this place where the heroine of the iconic comic strip Martine adorns the walls, you will undoubtedly appreciate the colorful decor and the diversity of culinary offerings. From exotic specialties to burgers and classics of contemporary gastronomy, there is something for every taste. Note the wine list (very original, presented like a magazine) rich and varied also offered to visitors. Hard to classify this establishment, between a Bistro, a Restaurant, or a Cafe... A very pleasant atmosphere inside, very warm, and three different terraces, each with their own ambiance. An address not to be missed!

  • category: Café / Restaurant / Bistro
  • location: at the entrance of rue Bonaparte and Cassini, exiting Garibaldi Place
  • address: 1, rue Cassini
  • phone: 04 93 89 09 62
  • hours: Monday to Saturday, from 11:30 a.m. to 00:30 a.m.
Interior of Café des Chineurs

L'Abeille, Boutique Apartments

Whether you're a professional on a business trip or just visiting the Azurean capital, L'Abeille offers an original and contemporary accommodation solution! This Boutique Apartments concept ensures a successful stay in Nice. Everything has been designed to offer a pleasant stay and provide an alternative to traditional accommodation solutions. The apartments have been created in an old building that has been completely renovated and raised. It was redone respecting the existing structure and with a sustainable development approach. We refer to one of the pioneers in wood framing in the Port de Nice and Garibaldi area; an eco-responsible building housing 9 furnished apartments rated 4 stars, each with a unique personality. The interior of the apartments is highly original, both in terms of colors and layout, and the high-end furniture. Named “L’Abeille,” this establishment focuses on ecology and sustainable development in its design and is an exceptionally attractive base due to its location. It is also necessary to mention the splendid gardens, quiet off Rue Bonaparte and only accessible from this building. Legend has it that Bonaparte used to flirt here with the daughter of Count Laurenti.

  • category: Boutique Apartments
  • location: at the top of Rue Bonaparte, next to Garibaldi Place
  • address: 4, Rue Bonaparte
  • phone: 06 48 81 41 80
Facade of L'Abeille building

Garibaldi Place

During your visit to Garibaldi Square, if you are a fan of oysters and shellfish, you might decide to eat at Café de Turin, which is a Niçois institution, stormed by tourists. Winkles, whelks, Mediterranean Bouzigues oysters, langoustines, smoked trout eggs... the most demanding palates are satisfied here. Also located in this historic district is the MAMAC (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) of Nice, showcasing a variety of artworks from the 1950s to the present.

This emblematic square of the city of Nice is located between the Tramway stops "Garibaldi" and "Garibaldi - Le Château". You will find a fountain where tourists and locals like to sit, and a charming carousel for children. There is also a flea market one Sunday a month, from 9 am to 7 pm.

  • Tramway stops: Garibaldi - Le Château, Garibaldi, Port - Lympia
  • lines: 1 and 2
Building of Garibaldi Place

Café Paulette

At 15 Rue Bonaparte, Café Paulette offers delicate and refined dishes. This establishment is very popular, both among tourists and locals. The atmosphere is warm and perfectly reflects the charm of the neighborhood, with a chic touch. Homemade burgers, grilled sea bass fillets, gratin dauphinois, lamb and beef kefta are some of the recipes that can also be enjoyed on the terrace. Note that this restaurant also offers delivery and takeout from Tuesday to Saturday. And if you stop by in the morning, you can even enjoy homemade pancakes, avocado toast, or other breakfast delights. A great address for dining in the area!

  • category: Restaurant
  • location: at the center of Pin Square
  • address: 15, rue Bonaparte
  • phone: 04 92 04 74 48
  • hours: from Tuesday to Saturday, from 8 am to 12:30 am
Tables at Café Paulette

Peixes - Ceviche Restaurant

At the restaurant Peixes, we have been delighting guests since 2015 with specialties of fish and seafood, each more succulent than the last. Besides tasting platters and tuna tartare, you have the opportunity to discover Ceviche recipes that will surely tantalize your taste buds. To refresh its bimonthly menu, the chef strives to make use of seasonal products and local suppliers. The Ceviche (marinated fish or shellfish) is always served with impeccable presentation and exceptional seasoning. They had their first establishment near Old Nice / Masséna (4, rue Jacques Médecin) and have created this second establishment in the heart of the vibrant Bonaparte district, in the premises formerly occupied by the Déli Bo, a well-known bakery in Nice, which is now on the Port. A must-visit, especially if you are unfamiliar with Ceviche.

  • category: Restaurant
  • location: at the start of Bonaparte
  • address: 5, rue Bonaparte
  • phone: 04 93 56 30 90
  • hours: from Monday to Saturday, from 12 pm to 10 pm
The interior of the Peixes restaurant


This small Mediterranean family-owned street food restaurant is a gem. Kalōs started small, and then, the quality of the products, the cuisine, and the service quickly won over the locals and tourists alike. They even offer table service, just like in a restaurant, for the price of a street food snack. The staff is lovely, the food is delicious. As I write these lines, I'm already salivating at the thought of their perfectly grilled Pita Ketfa with meat, and the freshness of the vegetables. They live up to their success, and they have managed to maintain the identity they have always had. A very beautiful family business as we like them.

  • Category: Street Food
  • Location: in the center of Pin Square
  • Address: 15, rue Bonaparte
  • Phone: 04 92 04 74 48
  • Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, from 8:00 am to 12:30 am
Front of the Kalōs restaurant

Garibaldi Luggage Storage

To avoid unnecessarily carrying your luggage around before you check into your accommodation or catch a train, have you considered leaving them in a secure place to fully enjoy your day in Nice?

In the Pin Square / Bonaparte area, the Garibaldi luggage lockers in Nice are the most reliable luggage storage option near Garibaldi when you need to store your belongings without the risk of theft. You can book your luggage locker in Nice online and in advance, which can hold up to 4 suitcases at a time. The cost per locker can drop to as low as 2 EUR per day for a multi-day rental. The cost per bag is thus very modest. Perfectly clean, the place is also very secure. This storage facility is equipped with many cameras for continuous surveillance of your personal belongings while they are stored. You have a personal code for the entrance door and another code for your luggage locker. Very convenient, you can return as many times as you want!

  • Category: Luggage Locker
  • Location: in the middle of Cassini, 100 meters from Pin Square
  • Address: 16bis, rue Cassini
  • Phone: 04 83 93 88 00
  • Opening hours: every day of the year, from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm
Garibaldi Luggage Lockers


Last, but not least, here is D'AQUÌ. Lovers of barbajuans (both savory and sweet!) and other Maralpine specialties, you should dine at this establishment located at 28 Rue Cassini. This Nice specialist in finger food will undoubtedly offer you an unforgettable taste journey! It's the D'AQUÌ snack restaurant where they notably sell a divine gluten-free burger. Its owner, originally from Menton, offers delicious lemon ravioli. He's a passionate individual. The products are fresh, original, and simply delicious. Whether takeout or dining in, you'll enjoy regional products accompanied by artisan soda. He even makes excellent socca with lots of character. A great address at the lower end of Cassini, which should be as much attached to the Port as to the Garibaldi / Place du Pin area, due to its proximity and the type of products it offers.

  • Category: Finger Food
  • Location: at the bottom of Cassini, just before the Port
  • Address: 28, rue Cassini
  • Phone: 07 66 77 69 23
  • Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, from 10am to 7pm
Barbajuans, pizza, and pizzaladière from the D'AQUÌ restaurant

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